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Proposed Development in Our Community

Public hearing May 11th. Location to be announced.

  • Read the information on the Building Commission website.

  • Come to the public hearing and voice your opinion.


The planning commission meeting is scheduled to review a redevelopment proposal that if approved, will most defiantly impact our quality of life and that of our neighbors.

The proposed site is the location of the current Baxter Office Complex on Saunders Road. If the developer is able to secure numerous variants and rezoning requests to this site "to allow a warehouse and distribution facility with a motor freight terminal," we could be opening a pandoras box when a final user acquires the completed buildings. For example, the Deerfield Park District has expressed interest in leasing the proposed recreational facility. However the developer is including in their proposal that the recreational facility would be designed such that it could be converted to industrial use if the recreational facility does not materialize. When asked what size trucks would be accessing the development, a developer representative replied that they are speculative developers and do not know the end user, but this type of facility would be for semi truck access. When asked about potential truck traffic and routes the response was, "They believe the majority of truck traffic will be oriented towards Lake Cook Road." He went on to explain that the truck companies use truck maps and not consumer GPS so would most likely choose Lake Cook as the preferred access road. Chair Bromberg asked if they would have to comply with any Village noise ordinances in terms of truck traffic noise. Mr. Ryckaert replied that in the noise ordinance there are not time restrictions for deliveries and loading. Mr. Houser shared that they anticipate mostly daytime truck traffic, but they need to be a 24/7 use because that is what tenants demand, and they need that flexibility. With increased congestion and added semi truck traffic to the area, there is no way of knowing if the end user will petition the village for Off Peak Delivery hours. OPD hours are between 7:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. The village of course would have to approve such a request but remember by then the truck terminal will have already been built and a request like this may very well be approved if congestion can be elevated, congestion that could be avoided if the facility is never built. Repeated mentions of the unknown end users and the vague responses should give residents and village board members reason for concern. At the least an environmental impact study should be performed but in my opinion this proposal is no where near the detail level that our Commission Board should require before even considering such a proposal. I encourage you to read the information on the Building Commission website. Come to the public hearing and voice your opinion.

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