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Selling or Buying a Home During A Pandemic: What You Need to Know

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

If you’re wondering whether it’s still possible to sell a home during a pandemic then the immediate short answer right now is YES!

If you were planning to sell or buy your home this spring and have questions about what that looks like you are not alone. Our agents are ready to help address your concerns and guide you through the process. We have adjusted to help our clients successfully navigate the new rules and procedures that are in place to ensure safety and continued health of all involved.

We are happy to share this information to help you better understand the process and we encourage you to contact us today to get more in depth information on buying and selling a home right now.

- Remote Client Meetings

There are many different meeting platforms, from Skype and Zoom to Google Hang out and Face Time. Regardless of the platform, remote meetings are extremely important. When discussing one of the biggest financial decision of your life we want to be able to communicate verbally AND non-verbally. Remote meetings allow us to do that.

- Virtual Tours: Let us assist you in navigating a virtual home tour.

It is not a new concept to start a home search on line but today more and more of the home search process needs to be done virtually. Virtual tours are so much more than viewing pictures on line. Today we can virtually walk through a home and get a sense of what the space feels like, going from one point to the next and turning around to get a different perspective. We can help you do virtual tours in such a way that details are not overlooked just as we would on a live home tour.

For buyers; knowing how to assess a property from a virtual tour will allow you to narrow your search greatly. Prior to this current situation it was not unusual to visit many homes but today buyers need to be extremely skilled at narrowing their search. We can help you ask the right questions and get more details that virtual tours may not provide. Once you have narrowed your search we suggest you drive by to check out the exterior and location of the home. Still interested? Then let us set up a live video walk through where you can decide what to look at and what to open, virtually of course. When you are ready to take the next step we work closely with the seller to ensure everyone is comfortable and safe with a live home tour.

There are certain things we can do to eliminate touring a home that ultimately wouldn't be the one for you. Give us a call today to find out more about these steps and why they set us a part.

- Local Restrictions and New Rules on Showings

New state and local ordinances, along with recommendation from the National Association of Realtors have been implemented and continue to be adjusted as the situation changes during this pandemic. There are specific rules in regards to showings of homes for sale and rental properties. Big Red Realty Group has also implemented some improved procedures during this time. Below are a just few of such improvements that we have implemented.

  • Buyers will be required to do a in-depth virtual home search with their agent

  • Only pre-approved buyers will be allowed to do in home showings with their agent

  • COVID_19 disclosures and releases will be required for all in home showings

  • Showings will be limited to four people and limited in duration

  • All our agents will provide and require the use of gloves, masks and shoe coverings

  • Only the showing agent will be allowed to touch surfaces in a home

  • When possible doors and windows will be opened during a showing to improve air flow

  • Surfaces will be wiped down with disinfected at the end of a showing

- Digital Closing Tools

Digital closing tools are not a new concept. We have been using electronic file share and signing platforms for years in real estate. Now title companies and lenders are also utilizing this technology. Mortgages are being approved and closings are taking place. Illinois has also recently approved remote notary service and we are ready to help with that as our office has agents that are also licensed notaries.

- Anticipating and Navigating Possible Delays

The new COVID-19 Addendum has been issued to help buyers and sellers. This addendum allows for an extension of a contract due to a COVID- 19 related delay. Both the buyer and seller agree to the terms that they put forth in the addendum and when properly used it can help us avoid a certain amount of uncertainty and stress. In addition to this addendum our brokers are adept and comfortable taking an involved approach to ensure a closing goes smoothly. We have always worked in cooperation with our clients real estate attorneys and mortgage lenders and continue to do so to ensure a successful transaction.

- Changes in Lending

Staying up to date on changes in lending and helping our clients connect with the best mortgage brokers is nothing new to us and it is what sets us apart. In todays rapidly changing landscape we are proud of our continued efforts to stay informed and educate our clients. We have the resources to connect you with the best advise out there. Wether you are selling, buying or considering refinancing we can put you in touch with someone that can tailor a solution for your needs.

We pride our selves in being a source of information to all our clients and realize many of you may be in a situation that requires some assistance to stay in your home. Regardless of your end goal we are here to help you find the professional advise and assistance that best serves you.

Contact us today to learn more about how we are working to protect our clients and keep our community safe during the home buying and selling process.

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